No-name beers revisited


A beer without a name What do you think of when you see the names Fat Tire, Mirror Pond, Delerium Tremens, Dead Guy, Death from Above, Pliny the Elder, Fat Yak, Tripel Karmeliet or Super Hornet? Ok, some [...]

No-name beers revisited2024-01-30T06:55:19+10:00


Hop On Distillery Tours


Hop On Brewery Tours take on local distilleries - Hop On Distillery Tours!For over seven years the team at Hop On Brewery Tours has gotten guests behind the scenes of local, independent craft breweries and shared their knowledge and insights, [...]

Hop On Distillery Tours2024-01-12T10:29:06+10:00


Just in time for Christmas: NoLo Beer Review Pt. 1


No- and Low-Alcohol Beer Options Unless you’ve been drinking under a rock, you will have noticed the visible increase in no- and low-alcohol beer (and spirits) available in supermarkets, bottle shops, and bars. The fastest-growing category in the beer [...]

Just in time for Christmas: NoLo Beer Review Pt. 12024-01-19T08:25:03+10:00


Recognition for Hop On Brewery Tours


The past couple weeks have been very exciting for the team at Hop On Brewery Tours. After more than six years in operation, we decided to take the big step forward and enter into a few Australian awards this year, [...]

Recognition for Hop On Brewery Tours2024-01-19T08:27:39+10:00


Why go on a brewery tour? Part 2 – value for money


Why go on a brewery tour (instead of a pub crawl with your mates)?Recently we were informed in a post-tour review that our tours were “pricey”, which was a surprise to us because most feedback is that our offerings represent [...]

Why go on a brewery tour? Part 2 – value for money2024-01-15T08:51:46+10:00


Discrimination and Diversity in Craft Beer


Discrimination and Diversity in Craft BeerThe Beer Industry Diversity Survey, conducted by Beer Agents For Change, is a startling reflection on the industry we know and love.Working in the craft beer industry is amazing. There are perks like having the [...]

Discrimination and Diversity in Craft Beer2024-01-12T10:35:06+10:00


Rainy day? We’ve got you covered!


Rainy day? We've got you covered!The time of year has arrived when torrential downpours are the norm. After a year or so of being stuck indoors for a higher amount of time than usual, everyone is ready to get out [...]

Rainy day? We’ve got you covered!2024-01-12T10:28:04+10:00

The Original and Best Brewery Tours in Queensland


What do we mean when we market ourselves as the original and best brewery tour in SE Queensland?Registering our business in October, 2015, we had done our due diligence. We made sure we weren't stepping on anyone's toes and that [...]

The Original and Best Brewery Tours in Queensland2024-01-12T10:26:23+10:00


Balter and Green Beacon


In the world of Australian craft beer, there were two large announcements in the second half of 2019, which sent tongues wagging and many independent craft beer supporters into meltdown. The first came in August, when it was [...]

Balter and Green Beacon2024-02-22T18:12:54+10:00

Who Owns Australian Craft Breweries?


Unsure if the beer you're drinking is craft? The number of independent, small craft breweries in Australia - also called micro breweries or boutique breweries - has been growing steadily in the past few years. An ever-changing ebb-and-flow of [...]

Who Owns Australian Craft Breweries?2024-02-22T18:13:43+10:00
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