Rainy day? We’ve got you covered!

The time of year has arrived when torrential downpours are the norm. After a year or so of being stuck indoors for a higher amount of time than usual, everyone is ready to get out and explore their own back yard. We’re checking out new restaurants, supporting local businesses, meeting friends for coffee, and hitting the beach…. until it starts raining. And as the saying goes, when it rains, it pours – especially in Queensland.

Whether you’re on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, there are plenty of outdoor activities in which to take part, from surfing to visiting Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, from the theme parks to exploring the coast by foot or bike, from museums and art galleries to the cinema. That will keep you busy for a couple weekends, but what do you do when the sun hides?

You drink beer with us, of course!

Package Deals with Hop On Brewery Tours

There are dozens of top-ten articles listing rainy day activities on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, but did you know that many of them list places that pay to advertise with them? Kind of a bummer if you’re looking for something less biased (although we are totally biased – just saying). While those articles are fantastic jumping off points, there are so many more alternatives, and one of them is coming along on a brewery tour with Hop On Brewery Tours!

Not only do our Brisbane brewery tours and Gold Coast beer tours run rain or shine, we’ve also teamed up with a bunch of other local operators to curate fun, unique package offers for you and your crew! Why not start your morning by throwing axes with the legends at Lumber Punks on the Gold Coast on our Urban Vikings package, or in Brisbane on our Hatchets & Hops tour? Maybe gaming is more your style – check out our Reality Brews tour which includes a 30-minute VR session at Zero Latency Gold Coast. Feeling fast? Our Karting & Coldies tour lets you channel your inner speed racer before cooling down with some cold beers.

Save it for a rainy day.

Make hay while the sun shines, but come drink beer with us when it’s raining. Or when the sun shines – we don’t discriminate. Plenty of rainy day activities are for the family, but brewery tours are for you. So what’s stopping you? Book today or buy a voucher for yourself to cash in on the next rainy day – you’ll surely have plenty of opportunities to use it.

Cheers and beers,
Matt and Jos

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