Keg Fills and Sales

Wondering where to buy craft beer in kegs in Brisbane? Want to have your corny keg filled on the Gold Coast? Look no further!

If you are looking to fill a keg or hire one for an event or party, we have created a comprehensive list of Brisbane and Gold Coast breweries that offer these various services.

Happy drinking!

Corny Keg Fill30/50L Keg FillOther Size FillHire or Sell KegsMORE INFO
4HEARTSBRISxxxWe refill kegs from 19L – 50L at 4 Hearts and the best contact is Reece (head brewer) at
BACCHUSBRISxxxxRing Ross at the brewery for pricing. We also do keg & jockey box hire for parties.
BALLISTICBRISService Not Available
BOBsGCxxLager, Pilsner, Sours, XPA & Golden Ale it would be 210+gst for 30L and 290+gst for 50L
IPAs and more crazy beers it would be 250/350+gst for 30/50L
BRENDALEBRISxxYes we sell kegs direct to the public and refill Corny Kegs, but don’t refill customers 30/50L Kegs.
If a customer wants a 50L keg they pay for the beer plus a $150 keg deposit which is refunded when they return it.
Customers corny kegs are preferred to be brought in clean and ready to be refilled but we can give them a quick clean if necessary.
BREWTIDEBRISService Not Available
BRISBANE BREWING COBRISxxxDrop off any day during business hours before Wednesday C.O.B. for pick up any time from Friday onwards.
Pay on collection. No appointments required. All keg fills include cleaning and purging with CO2, clean or used kegs fine.
Full info and pricing available on our website at
BURLEIGH BREWING COGC50xKegs sold online or at the taphouse. All Party Kegs come with an ice bucket (no ice) and pump tap.
Each keg contains 116 schooners of fresh Burleigh beer. Once you have placed an order for your keg, we will be in contact within 24 hours to organise a $100 pre-authorisation bond held on credit card and pick up of your party keg (If you have purchased your keg for use within that 24-hour period please contact Burleigh Brewing on 0755936000 to organise).
The keg must be kept on ice or refrigerated at all times, They are super easy to use as it’s just a manual pump, rather than a reticulation system using CO2.
Please ask a member of staff for any tips, tricks or advice you might need.
*All items must be returned to Burleigh Brewing before 3pm Monday, your pre-authorisation will be kept and used to replace missing items only if it has been over 14 days since initial pickup.
GREEN BEACONBRISService Not Available
HAPPY VALLEYBRISCorny kegs and A-type coupler kegs available for fill, prices start from $150.
Contact Cheyne at for more info.
HUDSONBRISx50xA few requirements on 50L kegs, specifically around deposit for keg, jockey box, gas bottle etc.
LUCHABRISService Not Available
MADOCKEGCWe fill corny kegs and A-type coupler kegs.
If it’s on tap, we generally can keg it for you.
Simply drop off your cleaned kegs to us in the brewery over the weekend or on Monday, and pick them up by Friday, filled with fresh delicious beer!
Corny Kegs must be thoroughly cleaned before dropping off to us, as we are unable to fill dirty corny kegs.
We offer free keg cleaning on A Type Coupler Kegs, with every fill.
For more information and pricing please email us at or phone 0407 787 330
MILTON COMMONBRISmini kegs (5L)5L mini kegs only
NEWSTEADBRISService Not Available
PARCHEDBRISxxWe fill corny kegs to unlicenced/private buyers with the price dependent on the beer.
We can sell a 50ltr keg on wholesale to licenced venues or on a discounted retail to unlicenced/private buyers.
PRECINCTGCx6.5% ABV$185 for >5.5% ABV\n$165 for > 4.5% – 5.5% ABV\n$165 for Precinct Ginger Beer (4% ABV)\n$155 for <4.5% ABV”}”>Yep we fill cornies, granted they have their own empty kegs. Wholesale also available.
Corny keg fill prices:
$200 for >6.5% ABV$185 for >5.5% ABV
$165 for > 4.5% – 5.5% ABV
$165 for Precinct Ginger Beer (4% ABV)
$155 for <4.5% ABV
REVELBRISService Not Available
SEA LEGSBRISxCorny keg refills and the price varies depending on what beer is chosen.
Session Ale: $130
Tropical Lager: $140
Pale Ale: $155
Nitro Stout: $165
IPA: $175
Pilsner: $140
STONE & WOODBRISService Not Available
WHITE LIESBRISxMost are $165

Please note we will endeavour to keep this list as updated as possible, but always recommend contacting the venue directly before getting any hopes up and to confirm availability and pricing, arrange payment, drop off/collection, etc.