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If you’re interested in learning more about the craft beer scene, beer and brewing history, the history of gin and rum, and so much more, we have put together a list of our recommendations. If we’ve missed something, please let us know.

Recommended tour operators outside of Brisbane & Gold Coast:


  • “Fermenting Revolution: How To Drink Beer and Change The World” by Christopher O’Brien
  • “Hops and Glory” by Pete Brown
  • “The Complete Beer Course” by Joshua M. Bernstein
  • “The Great Australian Beer Guide” by James Smith
  • “Keg Bottle Can: Best Beers for Every Occasion” by Luke Robertson
  • “Beer: Taste The Evolution in 50 Styles” by Natalya Watson
  • “Rum: A Distilled History of Colonial Australia” by Matt Murphy

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  • Aussie Beer Voyage
  • The Boss and the Brewer
  • The Cool Room
  • Crack The Ceiling
  • Drinks Adventures

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