Travel Guide to Tasmania

We love Tasmania, and as some of you may recall, Matt – one of our co-founders – is from the northwest coast of this lovely Island State. We try and get down there annually, and there is always somewhere new to check out! Whilst we haven’t made it everywhere – although we’ve tried our hardest! – we can’t claim this is a comprehensive list. However, these are some of our go-tos when we’re down there, and we hope you can use it as a jumping-off point for your own Tasmanian Tasting Trail!

Hobart/Southern Tasmania:

There are so many good breweries just in the Hobart CBD alone, all within walking distance:
beer tasting paddle at Bruny Island

Beer tasting paddles and cheese at Bruny Island

A little bit outside of the city centre you can find:

Favourite bars in the Hobart CBD/Salamanca area:

More info:

There’s a great Tasting Trail self-guided drive centred around fresh produce and seafood

You can book a brewery tour with Coastline Tours or The Brew Hop so you don’t have to decide who is the day’s designated driver!

Launceston/Northern Tasmania:

Miner's Gold in Beaconsfield Tasmania

Miner’s Gold in Beaconsfield

Breweries in/around Launceston (including Burnie, Devonport, Penguin and Beaconsfield) include:
St John Craft is in Launceston, which is the best craft beer bar in the state (if not Oz – yep, we said it!), and it’s sister venue is Empress Craft Beer Bar in Devonport.
Bruny Island is a drive and ferry ride from Hobart, but well worth the day trip (if you can’t stay longer). Beer, cheese, whisky, seafood. local berries, chocolate and honey. Plus there are local penguins and some gorgeous coastal walks. The Albert Brewery is near-ish the ferry to Bruny Island and focus on producing high quality lager varieties.