What do we mean when we market ourselves as the original and best brewery tour in SE Queensland?

Registering our business in October, 2015, we had done our due diligence. We made sure we weren’t stepping on anyone’s toes and that no Brisbane brewery tours were already running. We wanted our business to be unique, to bring something new to the offerings in Brisbane and, eventually, the Gold Coast. We found nothing. No websites or Facebook pages indicating that we were too late, that our idea was a carbon copy of a successful business showcasing the growing craft beer scene around Southeast Queensland. We were good. We were ready to go – the ORIGINAL* craft beer tour in Queensland.

newstead group landscape

OG Guests on our first ever tour! 2 April, 2016

Before we ran our first tour on 02 April 2016, we took the time to approach the existing Brisbane breweries of the day; they all made space to talk to us and discuss what our tours would offer guests, why they should be a part of the itinerary, and how we could work together to provide our guests with an incredible experience and unique day out. Maybe they were humoring us; after all, a brewery tour company had previously existed in Brisbane, however had run its course by the time we started and didn’t have the longevity we were hoping for.

Change Your Perception of Beer

We didn’t ask them for much. For us, the key focus wasn’t making money (I mean, sure, it’s a business so of course we want to make something from it) by shifting company t-shirts or takeaway beers, it was about representing each brand, each venue, each new beer as if it were our own. We knew that running brewery tours wasn’t simply chauffeuring guests from one destination to the next, it was about teaching the intricacies of beer and helping guests find something that suited them. From the outset our motto was about changing people’s perception of beer, whether that person was a traditional XXXX Bitter drinker or an experienced home brewer looking to expand their palate. Every stop, every story, every uncertain beer drinker – we wanted to share what we knew and start changing minds. We have always said that there’s a beer out there for everybody; they just may not have found it yet. That’s where our role is important.

We Started With Six

free beer

Check out those labels! Original Newstead bottles and Green Beacon cans from 2016.

There’s no question that we have grown and learned exponentially since 2016. Not just because of the number of new breweries that have opened since our first tour (to put it in perspective, we initially spoke with six breweries in Brisbane; we now work with over 30 in Brisbane alone, plus the breweries on the Gold Coast, plus distilleries….) but because we have actively sought to improve our knowledge base. Podcasts, magazines, online articles, Wikipedia pages, books (so. many. books.), and – most importantly – talking to the brewers. Asking questions, constantly following up when we don’t know something, texting our very patient brewer friends with obscure questions when we’re out drinking as a duo. Participating in brew days has been invaluable, as has the immense support from across the entire industry who want to help us because, as a wise person once told us, our success is also their success. So yes, we feel confident saying we are the best brewery tour in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.



What Do We Do That’s So Special?

We introduce people to places they might never have known existed. We supply plenty of variety, with beers on tour ranging from sours and goses to Russian Imperial Stouts and barrel-aged, wild-fermented brews. If we’re allowed to have it on a paddle, we want our guests to try it. We strive to challenge their taste buds and encourage our patrons to step outside of their safety zone – all while being there to guide them through their tasting.

Hop On Brewery Tours Turns 8!

happy beer-loving couple

Just getting started! Jos and Matt: owners and operators of Hop On Brewery Tours

As we are coming to our 8th Birthday – wow! – we want to thank our OG venues for believing in us from the very beginning (or at least pretending like you did) and always giving our guests the most incredible experiences. Since then, all the breweries that have opened have reached out to us to become part of our itineraries and this has allowed our growth (buying a second van) and encouraged partnerships across both cities to provide guests with options to try axe throwing or go on a relaxing river cruise. Our brewery and distillery partners, plus all of the crafty venues that have made time and space for us, we cannot ever thank you enough.

The Original and Best Brewery Tour in Queensland

This wasn’t meant to be a rambling post, but that’s how it turned out. The ORIGINAL and BEST brewery tours in Brisbane and the Gold Coast – but we certainly would never have attained that title without every person who has trusted us to take them on their beer journey. To the 9000+ guests that have traveled with us, we are so very grateful.

Cheers to many many more beers,
Jos and Matt


*As we go on to note in the next paragraph, a brewery tour had existed before we started, but they weren’t running at the time we got off the ground. Also, it’s important to add that Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours started at roughly the same time we did, so it’s likely that we were starting up independently, without any idea of the other’s existence. Great minds think alike, right?