2024 update: after we received our very first order of Hop On Brewery Tours stickers from the team at OzStickerPrinting, an excellent Aussie-run sticker printing business, we were hooked. The team provided us with an example of some of their products, which we fell in love with. The team here has always talked about ways to promote further marketing, whether through giveaways, gifts, promotional material and more, and stickers are always at the top of the list.

Hop On stickers by OzStickerPrinting

These stickers have been here for two years! Don’t they look fantstic?!

With so many promo stickers out in the wild that are too sticky – you can’t remove them if you tried! – to not sticky enough and they fall off of a plastic tub (where most of ours live) in a matter of seconds, we were nothing short of impressed with the quality of the stickers from OzStickerPrinting. Even today, two years after receiving them, the dark black background that makes the vibrant green of our logo pop hasn’t faded, and the stickers on our water bottles, tour containers, a few cheeky electrical poles and some hidden locations around venues are still in great nick!

If you’re looking for excellent quality stickers of any size and shape for your business, we can 100% recommend OzStickerPrinting for your vinyl sticker needs!

Original post below:

Promo stickers can be finicky things. They can be too papery leading to the top layer – with the design – to peel off or get soggy. Sometimes they’re too shiny, too hard to eel from the backing, the colour fades… Basically, a lot can go wrong. So we’ve spent the past week putting the stickers through the ringer; on a 20-minute drive I stuck one on my fingers and played with it the whole time. Sticking and unsticking, fiddling around, and at the end of 20 minutes there was still some adhesive. Tick! I also tried ripping it into shreds, but just using fingernails there was no ripping or tearing. I then used my teeth and had a bit of a go, but they are definitely sturdy. Not too shiny. Vinyl. And so far, no colour has faded.

Specs: vinyl stickers, 60 x 24mm, green loco on black background

All in all, these stickers rate highly. Highly enough that I’m trying to convince the other half to get some fancier ones made up so we cn incorporate some cool new designs!

Thank you to OzStickerPrinting for reaching out and for the very quick turnaround time! You’ll be hearing from us again!