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Bacchus Brewing

Bacchus Brewing Co. is credited as one of the most unique and creative breweries in Australia. With a range featuring everything from beers brewed using chicken carcasses to dessert-inspired drops like their Snickers Amber (an all-time favourite), anytime you mention “Bacchus” to a brewer you’re met with a knowing smile and nod.

At Bacchus, the brewers specialise in revitalising favourite styles, developing house brews, reviving ancient brews and creating “one off” beers for in-house enjoyment as well as craft beer festivals around the country. All of their beers are made in single keg batches, enabling them to make up to 12 different beers a day. They also work closely with up-and-coming “gypsy” brewers (brewers without their own brewery equipment) and have assisted Croft Brewing, Black Hops and Brewtal Brewers, just to name a few.