How We’re Different

There are a few brewery tour companies out there. They sell the dream: lots of beer, no responsibility.

We are the ONLY brewery tour across Brisbane and the Gold Coast that not only supply our guests with samples of delicious, locally-crafted beer, but tell the stories behind those beers and the venues we visit. All of our brewery and distillery tours begin with a thorough education of what makes beer beer. Delving into the importance of each of beer’s four main ingredients, we bring it together with a behind-the-scenes tour of at least one brewery and/or distillery.

Our aim is to find the perfect beer for everyone. Whether someone normally drinks champagne, whiskey, hot apple cider or espresso martinis, we are positive there’s a beer out there for them! With our team of passionate beer experts, guests walk away with an understanding of what they like (and what they don’t), and the ability to cut through the noise next time they’re at the bottle shop. It doesn’t matter to us if you’re a beer novice, think you don’t like beer, or are an experienced home brewer – our craft brewery and distillery tours are for everyone, and we’re certain you’ll learn something during the day!

With Benne the brewer at Burleigh Brewing Company, Gold Coast, Queensland

It’s all about better beer, not more beer. Some of the other tour operators out there provide a pub crawl or booze cruise experience, encouraging guests to buy extras at the breweries and allowing drinks on board. We’re not about that. Guests will receive a fair amount of beer, and we haven’t let anyone go thirsty since 2016. Trust us, there is no need to top up with an extra schooner or pint, so put your wallet away.

Fun, educational, reliable and trustworthy: you know when you book with Hop On Brewery Tours you’ll get the best beer/spirits tasting and craft brewery and distillery tour experience in SE Queensland. We are fully accredited with informative guides who are passionate about all things beer! With stories and titbits, plus unbeatable relationships with the venues we visit, your VIP experience will see you coming away with a newfound appreciation of what you’re drinking.

Not to toot our own horn, but guests have come away telling us things like, “what Hop On doesn’t know about beer isn’t worth knowing!”, or describing us as the “Wiki of the beer world.” While we wouldn’t go quite that far, we are proud of our involvement in this amazing, ever-growing industry!

Our tours are great for birthday parties, events, work functions, bucks or hens parties, end of year celebrations or just a fun date idea and unique day out explore the local beer scene. We take you onto production floors, introduce you to the brewers, sample a variety of styles and flavours and uncover the history of all things beer.

Change your perception of beer with Hop On Brewery Tours.