Easy Times Brewing

Easy Times is a craft beer pub with their own brewery where you can kick back and relax with some freshly brewed beers in their friendly brewpub. Located just across the road from the Gabba in the heart of the Logan Road restaurant precinct, they are an ideal choice for an evening out.

Launched by David Ferguson, a UK native, and Anita Boettger, both have beer in their blood and couldn’t wait to share it with you! Anita’s heritage is German, and according to the Easy Times team, her parents are direct descendants of “the father of the Pilsner” Josef Groll, a Bavarian brewer hired by the Czech town of Pilsen (and the rest is history). True brewing royalty! Whilst the two are no longer actively involved in the brewery, their legacy carries on in the quality and care put into each and every brew. Prost!