Beenleigh Rum Distillery Brick Wall

Beenleigh Rum is Australia’s original rum. Created before any other rum in the country – before even Coca Cola was invented. And over 130 years later, they’re still making rum the traditional, “boutique” way, from the original stone building upon the banks of the Albert River at Eagleby and exclusively sourcing Australia’s finest molasses from the country’s only remaining family-owned sugar mill.

‘Every drop is pot-stilled in original copper vessels and aged gracefully in handmade oak brandy barrels to create Beenleigh’s distinctive, luscious flavour and velvety smooth finish. Come and see it for yourself and indulge in tasting the finest Australian rums.

  • Established in 1884
  • Head distiller: Wayne Stewart
  • Core range: Cane Cutter Vodka, White Rum, Copper Pot Distilled Rum, 5 Year Old Double Barrel Rum, Spiced Rum, Port Barrel Infused Rum, Honey Liqueur, Traditional Rum Liqueur
  • Tours: By Special Request Only