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Hop On Brewery Tours Brisbane Brewery Tour at counter sampling beers

Why go on a brewery tour?

Why not catch a cab and go bar hopping? Or jump on a bus? Or call an Uber at each stop? Wouldn’t that be cheaper?

In the long run..maybe. But when you go out with friends, are you there to drink or to learn? We’ll wager a guess and say the former. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that – pub crawls are great fun and usually lead to lots of laughter, ridiculous photos and blurry heads the next morning.

Our service is unique, with a range of tasters (up to 22 different beers!), beer facts, an education on how to get the most enjoyment out of your beer, in-depth conversation, opportunities to meet the people behind the scenes and hear their individual stories, and plenty of photos to document the day.

The aim of our guided brewery tours is to educate the public – beer-drinkers and non-beer-drinkers alike – helping navigate the ever-expanding world of craft beer. We have close relationships with the brewers and staff at each of the venues we visit, and because of this we get you onto the production floor to see how beer is made. You get to be seen wandering through a brewery, receiving a special education from one of Australia’s top brew(st)ers*, as regular beer drinkers look at you with envy and awe. Hear their stories, be swept up in their passion and learn why it’s so important to continue to support the little guys instead of “big beer” during this economic crunch (otherwise they might not stick around for long) and why smaller, independent microbreweries are making waves with consumers.

Beer education may seem a bit wanky (yes, that’s the official term), but who doesn’t love learning something new that they can then show off in front of friends? Beginning with a bit of beer history and discussing the four main ingredients found in every ale and lager, our experienced guides delve deeper, explaining the similarities and differences in the tasters that are provided for you. Ask all the beer-related questions you’ve ever had, sample a range of beers from saisons to pale ales to special release sour mango beers. We help you on a journey of beer discovery that you can carry with you.

Not only that, but we get you places that are harder to reach. Perhaps you’re dependent on public transportation, but realize the bus you need only runs 4 times a day on Sundays, which is the only day you have free, and it would take you hours to get home and back just for a beer or two. Is it really worth it?

So yes, if you calculate a day on a purely monetary basis, it probably costs less to get friends together and hit up a few places on your own. What you’re not receiving is the personalised service, the chance to explore and understand, the opportunity to meet the people behind the beer, the chance to visit unexplored venues, and the memories of a fantastic day out. Our tours are a unique beer experience, with trivia, fun facts, beer varieties and VIP access.

Feel free to hit us up with any questions.

Team Hop On Brewery Tours

*Brewster is the term for a female brewer; just one of the many fun facts you learn on a Hop On Brewery Tour!